The Aleut Corporation is committed to promoting economic, cultural, and social growth for its shareholders through its’ subsidiaries, partnerships and foundation.

taclogo ShareholdersAs an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC), The Aleut Corporation is one of the thirteen regional Native corporations that was established in 1971 under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). The Aleut Corporation received a settlement of $19.5 million, 66,000 acres of surface lands, and 1.572 million acres of subsurface estate.

Our Shareholders are from the Alaska Peninsula, Aleutian Islands, Pribilof Islands, and the Shumagin Islands.

AleutianRegion ShareholdersThe Aleut Corporation is diversified into subsidiaries, which include Government Operations & Management, Telecommunications, Environmental Remediation, Fuel Sales, Real Estate Management. The Company also participates in various partnerships, joint ventures and other business activities. Our portfolio of companies include:

  • Aleut Enterprise
  • Aleut Management Services
  • Alaska Instrument Company, Inc.
  • Analytica Group
  • Patrick Mechnical, Ltd.
  • The Aleut Foundation

For more details on the Aleut Corporation and our Shareholders, please visit: http://www.aleutcorp.com